[lug] Questions about Apache, .htaccess, and Basic Authorization

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sun Dec 19 17:55:08 MST 2010

Ike Arumba wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> Thank you for answering. I hesitate to display my ignorance online, so
> if you dont mind I will write to you directly.

I hope Rob tells you to ask on the list because:

- This is a community and others learn from your dialog.
- Those outside the community can learn from the archives.
- Rob might not have the only answer.
- Rob might be busy with something else and not able to answer any time soon.
- None of us care how ignorant you are.  We were too once upon a time (and still are in some areas).

Thanks for the original question, anyway.


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