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  Thanks! And no, it's not my thing, but perhaps it's the thing of someone
in BLUG (where I'd still like to have you come speak).


  If you think this job sounds incredibly cool and it's up your alley,
please contact Win Treese.

Also, not sure if this is up your alley: a former boss writes:
> I'm looking for someone who'd be interested in taking on the challenge of
> rearchitecting (and reimplementing) the channel-based IO subsystem of a
> mainframe in standard processors.  As part of that, there's an opportunity
> to rearchitect a cluster subsystem for much greater extensibility and lower
> cost.  (There's a natural link between the IO system and clustering.)  It
> could be one job, or it could be two, depending on the skill set of the
> candidates.
> If you know of anyone who might fit the bill, please send him or her my
> way.  The job's in Minneapolis, but relocation isn't required.  (Traveling
> there is.)  The gig could be full-time permanent or consulting, depending on
> the candidate.
> If it's not your thing, maybe you know someone for that.
> Good luck!
> - Win

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