[lug] TV-out on a NTSC CRT TV

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Sun Dec 26 11:23:56 MST 2010

I'm trying to have a TV (not-too-old, but CRT) working with the TV-out
of my media laptop (a very old HP bought in Italy). Purpose: show the
kids some cartoons on a larger screen.

I'm struggling to have it working: I do see the image, but it is never
good enough. The autodetected default call the "monitor" unknown, and
use an non-interlaced mode which shows double images, partially
overlapping in vertical, and some flickering.

I tried these:
http://smackmini.dax.nu/tv-out.html (I know, this is PAL)

without any success, besides understanding what follows:

1) I figured out that using an interlaced mode, stops the flicker and
completely separates the images, so I can see two images (squeezed in
the vertical direction), one on top of the other - with a relatively
large black area in between (and probably part of the images out of
the screen). From here, I tried to play with the other numbers, to see
if I could move one image out of the screen and enlarge the other one,

2) the other numbers of the modelines, don't seem to have any
noticeable effect, maybe the TV is "autocorrecting" whatever it is
receiving to what it thinks is the right way?

Any suggestion on what to do?


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