[lug] Kernel panic - CentOS 4.8

Gordon Golding gordongoldin at aim.com
Thu Jan 6 16:33:16 MST 2011

 Kernel panic  CentOS 4.8

I'm a simple system linux guy.   If this happened on a FC machine, I would have several FC rescue CDs around, or just use an install/netinstall DVD/CD for rescue.

I know the Ubuntu install CD doesn't give you the choice of "rescue".

I don't know about the CentOS install DVD.

I don't think they have anything hanging around, anyway.

The current boot device is RAID 1, but I don't think that really makes any difference - both boot and data RAIDs seem to come up OK.

What would be the best thing to bring this puppy up and try to figure out what is happening?

Anybody got CentOS 4.8 on a spare usb key?   ;-)

Last time this thing had problems - they finally just shipped it back to the OEM.

Question 2:  Anybody have recommendation for shipping a big heavy blade?
Last time, the shipping company dented it.

Decompressing Linux...done.
Booting the kernel.
Red Hat  nash version
mkrootdev: label / not found
mount: error 2 mounting ext3
mount: error 2 mounting none
switchroot: mount failed: 22
umount /initrd/dev failed: 2
Kernel panic - not syncing:  Attempted to kill init !

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