[lug] Interest in using the CLUE Conference system for 13 Jan meeting?

dio2002 at indra.com dio2002 at indra.com
Wed Jan 12 12:21:27 MST 2011

>> Jeff:
>> Due to other obligations and my schedule I cannot make it to the
>> meeting.
>> If someone with a laptop, web cam, microphone, and speakers (especially
>> the presenter) can attend and contact me off list, I can walk them
>> through
>> things initially.  One of Linux ETC's consultants will be attending as a
>> moderator to assist any end user questions and/or issues tentatively
>> speaking.
>> The CLUE Conference site also has some "how to" videos (yes, videos) on
>> the usage as well.  I will be adding some more to this hopefully later
>> today.
> once you have this configured, is it also possible to record the session
> for those that can't make the live session?

to be clear, what i mean is if i can't attend either the meeting itself or
be available during the remote *live* conference, is it possible to record
the live conference session for later playback?


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