[lug] Old computers to give away

Glenn Murray glenn.murray at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 17:45:13 MST 2011


I have some hardware to give away.

Dell Dimension XPS, Pentium 3 500MHz, 768MB RAM, 2 small hard drives,
Kubuntu/WinXP dual boot.

Dell Dimension XPS, Pentium 3 800MHz, 768MB RAM, 1 hard drive (20G?),

Dell Dimension XPS, Pentium 3 800MHz, 256MB(?) RAMBUS, 30GB SCSI drive,
Kubuntu/Win2K dual boot.

Dell Trinitron 19" CRT flat screen monitor.

2 keyboards, lots of PS/2 male mice, assorted hardware and cables.

1 old CRT television/remote (20"?) with a newish Tivax DTV digital to
analog converter (plug into your antenna and go).

Everything works.  I'm trying to avoid recycling charges for the CRTs,
so my first preference is to somebody who will take the whole lot, or
as much as possible.  I live in south Boulder.  You can reply to this
list or gmail me at glenn dot murray.  I'm trying this list first,
before Craig's List or the places mentioned earlier on this list.


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