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If you were at BLUG, on Thursday and heard this, here it is again. If not,
read on.

Saturday, February 5, the Boulder Linux Users Group is putting together an *
Installfest-in-the-Cloud*. <http://lug.boulder.co.us/special_events.html>

You're encouraged to wander in, get whatever help you need to set up a free,
Amazon Web Services account, and ask questions, like "Now that I can get on
to AWS and use it, why would I want to?"

*As it says, in the link above, this ain't a talk. It's hands-on. *
*This month's talk was Mark Salee on Xen, which AWS uses for virtualization.
Next month's talk, February 10, will be Tom Preston-Werner on GitHub, which
appears, a bunch, below.*
*Coincidence? I think so. An amazing, astrological, alignment of the stars.
Me, I'm an Orion, with my moon in Cassiopeia and Ursa Minor rising. You?*

*Clint Rubottom and Patrick Homans, from TekSystems, will supply pizza.
There really is such a thing as a free lunch.*


> Some of you will walk out of the event wanting a solid, self-contained,
treatment on how to use AWS.  Jeff Barr's *Host Your Web Site in the
* fills the bill perfectly, and will get you where you want to go.

Unfortunately, none of the code in it works.

Oh, it *used* to.  But the book was published waaay back in September, and
the world has changed since then. Jeff Barr is Amazon's chief AWS
Evangelist, so it's not as though he's some know-nothing, slipshod, slacker,

AWS has reached escape velocity.

I went through all his code and tweaked it to work again. I didn't want you
to start out excited but end up frustrated.

You can pull the ported code from right here, on

You'll get a bundle of working code that's minimally different from Jeff
Barr's. I've eschewed gratuitous tinkering. You'll have no trouble
correlating the book with the code in GitHub.

I've put step-by-step instructions and
Google docs. They're help for things Jeff Barr assumes but weren't obvious
to me.

There are minor bugs I couldn't figure out how to fix in Chapters 7 and 11
(described in those notes), which probably just shows lack of imagination on
my part.

The code and notes will improve as you hit omissions and find fixes. I've
marked spots where I know need help in red.

Want to see what I changed, when, and why? GitHub holds every detail.

If this is your cup of tea, click on the links, above. Or just start

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