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I suggest that we do the after-meeting drinkup at the Southern Sun, since
you've been there before, it's where we do Hacking Society on the off weeks,
and it has good beer.

Dean Johnson, our facilities facilitator, always has a projector there.
 Mark Sallee and Crawford Rainwater are going to try to get a streaming
webcast going.

At Mark's Xen talk this week, I asked how many in the audience already used
GitHub. Plenty of us, but not yet the majority. Perhaps you can help change
that. :-)

On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 7:34 PM, Tom Preston-Werner <tom at github.com> wrote:

> Hi Jeffrey,
> Here you go. Can't wait to give the talk!
> > - A title
> Unlocking the Secrets of Git
> > - A pauci-line description
> Everyone knows that Git is the tremendously powerful distributed
> version control system created by Linus Torvalds, but did you know
> that Git is really just a userland file system with some extra goodies
> to make it work for version control? This secret life of Git allows us
> to do some insanely great things. In this talk I'll show you how Git
> works under the covers and give you a taste of what's possible when
> you understand the magic within.
> > - A brief bio, so Jeremy can advertise and introduce you
> Tom Preston-Werner is a cofounder of GitHub, the social coding
> phenomenon that has captured the imaginations of hackers around the
> globe. He is also a serial entrepreneur having sold Gravatar to
> Automattic and run a web/graphic design firm, Cube6 Media, out of San
> Diego.
> > - Permission (or denial thereof) to videotape you
> Fine by me!
> > - A list of anything special you'll need to do your presentation.
> All I need is a projector.
> Also, I'm planning to hold a GitHub drinkup after the meeting if
> that's ok by you. If you want to announce that to the group, that
> would be awesome. Still need to decide on a location. Is there
> anywhere nearby that you could recommend?
> Tom

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