[lug] What is a good virtual for installing Windows into?

Ken Weinert kenw at quarter-flash.com
Mon Jan 31 11:50:03 MST 2011

  On 1/31/2011 11:43 AM, Zan Lynx wrote:
> I suppose that I should follow up on that.
> If you don't mind spending the extra money and you can provide at least
> 1 GB RAM and 20 GB disk to the virtual, then Windows 7 is very nice as a
> guest. Given those resources I think it works at least as well as XP.

Disk space isn't the issue, I have two 500G drives in the laptop. I 
think only 3G RAM, but I believe I can live with that given the limited 
circumstances that I'd be running the virtual under.

Thanks for the info.

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