[lug] What is a good virtual for installing Windows into?

Paul Nowosielski paulnowosielski at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 31 12:22:25 MST 2011


I run Win7 in Virtual Box

on an opensuse host.

I allocate 2 GB of ram
and two cores. I use it for netflix
and cross browser checks.It works fine for the most part.
The Win7 mouse gets a little laggy when playing back a
vid. but, the playback is fine.

I turned off 2d/3d video acceleration and
it worked much better.


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  I know, I know - but I need Windows to remote in to work and I have 
some web sites that I have to ensure work under IE. I no longer have any 
Windows at home and I'd rather run it as a virtual than as a dual boot.

A related question: which version of Windows runs easiest in a virtual?

Thanks for any pointers.


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