[lug] syncing deletes in backup (or picture workflows)

Rob Nagler nagler at bivio.biz
Tue Feb 1 15:32:15 MST 2011

I've been using a similar system for managing my pictures.  I have a
program which copies the pictures to the local disk from multiple
sources, brings them up in a previewer, forces me to document each
one, generates html/thumbnails, backups up to two computers over the
wire, and then asks me if I want to purge the source.  If I don't do
the documenting right away, I've learned it doesn't get done.    Every
couple of months I make a permanent archive of the entire media
collection on a 2.5" 500GB drive (I don't do much video :).  I throw
it in a vault at a bank.  It's worth the $50/month to me to have the
"woops" factor covered.

I have about 50 PhotoCDs which need documenting.  I just scanned a few
thousand more images.  I'm the only one who'll be able to document
them, and that ain't gonna happen unless I take a month off to do that
or hell freezes over, whichever comes first.


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