[lug] syncing deletes in backup (or picture workflows)

Anthony Foiani tkil at scrye.com
Tue Feb 1 21:18:52 MST 2011

Rob Nagler <nagler at bivio.biz> writes:

> I like Bray's "ruthless" weeding.  I think this is essential.
> Saving TBs is easy, yes, but weeding them decades from now is gong
> to be PITA for somebody, if not you.

Somewhat agree, but then again, if it's not worth someone's time to
weed through it later, then are they worth anything at all?  If it's
not worth *my* time to sort them now, nor someone else's time later,
the odds are good that the drive should just be reformatted, no?

More nuanced reply elsewhere in the thread.  :)


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