[lug] Puppet Books - FYI

Aaron Nichols anichols at trumped.org
Thu Apr 14 21:19:41 MDT 2011

   Thanks for the great talk tonight, I did want to add one thing. If
you go looking for a book on puppet you are likely to run across
"Pulling strings with Puppet" by James Turnbull. This book is pretty
old and most of the examples and strategies are out of date and some
will not even work on current releases. James just finished a new book
that should be release soon called "Pro Puppet"
(http://www.amazon.com/Pro-Puppet-James-Turnbull/dp/1430230576) which
is likely to be much more current and include new strategies for
puppet use.

I'm not sure if there are other recommendations for recent books - but
because puppet is evolving so rapidly and changing dramatically in the
process these books become out of date very quickly. The puppet
documentation on puppetlabs.com is fairly good through and there is an
*extremely* active and helpful mailing list & IRC channel (#puppet on


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