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Thanks!  I'll forward this to the Boulder Linux Users Group mailing list, as
well as a couple of other Java guys.

On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 1:20 AM, Sentosa Technology Consultants <
glen at sentosatech.com> wrote:

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>        Sentosa Technology Consultants  April 15, 2011   *Dear Jeffrey,*
> We are seeking a senior level Java engineer/architect (5+ years) with
> management experience for a full-time employment position.
> Ten or more years of software development experience is highly desirable.
> Large systems and back-end experience are important contributing factors
> also.  Responsibilities will include managing a development team from
> requirements through deployment, architecting systems, and some coding.
> Cable television industry experience and particularly familiarity with
> SCTE-130 specifications will also be a great advantage.
> This is a very senior level position that requires a high degree of
> commitment and a solid track record of consistent performance, achievement,
> delivery, and absolute integrity.  While challenging, the project involves
> building brand new and extremely innovative technologies that will drive the
> industry far into the future.
> If this sounds like the kind of opportunity that you're interested in and
> looking for, please reply with your resume and contact information.
>   Thanks for your time.  Your referals are our most valuable reference.
> As always, if you would prefer NOT to receive these inquiries please let us
> know.
> Kindest regards,
> Glen Brackmann
> Sr. Software Engineer
> Sentosa Technology Consultants
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