[lug] odd question

Steve A Hart shart at colorado.edu
Sat Apr 16 23:24:25 MDT 2011

I have an odd question for everyone and really I'm just looking for 
ballpark figures.

Short version:  I'm being asked to take over full management of a 3 year 
old cluster of Mac xserves.  The OS is WAY outdated, and so is the 
loaded software.  I'll have two options:

Option 1: do a controlled upgrade of the OS and softwareand setup a 
currently non existent backup scenerio.
Option 2: Leave it alone until it crashes due to hacker, hardware, or 
software failure and then reload the OS, etc etc

Making the owner see reason and go with option #1 may or may not 
happen.  Either way, it's a crapload of work that does not fall under my 
direct job description.  Basically they are going to pay me extra to do 
this or I'm not doing it.

My question is, roughly (ballpark figure) how much should I ask for in 
terms of compensation for something like this?  Keeping in mind that 
this will be in the University environment and not the "real world".  
The "real world" pays alot better.

I don't want to short-change myself but I also don't want to go overboard.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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