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Sarah Tempest sctempe13 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 20:27:25 MDT 2011

Hey guys,

First, I don't believe I've ever introduced myself. Been meaning to drop by
a meeting, blast my stupid early work schedule and general busyness. Anywho,
I'm Sarah. Some fun facts for you: I reside in Longmont and I have ferrets
because they're awesome. I love to rock climb, hike, run, just stay active
in general. I do robotics for funsies because embedded systems are sweet. It
was my major in college but you know... (enter economy and new graduate rant
for not having a career in it). Kind of want to keep it more as my passion
hobby though. Linux is another love of mine. Although, I am definitely no
expert. I run Fedora on two laptops. I have been running various flavors of
Linux for about 5 years now. (Gentoo hates me. This I'm pretty sure of). One
laptop is... falling apart. The other is kind of old but it's mobile, which
is nice. But yeah...

So when it comes to networking, I'm not the greatest at it. I just got this
Netgear WNR2000v3 router(WPA/WPA2 protected) not too long ago and neither
one of my Linux machines(both running Fedora, one is 14 the other is 12),
will stay connected to the wireless. They'll keep connection for a while,
but when they lose it, it's almost impossible to get associated again.
Network Manager nor connecting via command line will work. I rebooted,
unloaded and reloaded the modules, still no go. Currently I am back on the
wireless, but I can't figure out what exactly is going on. The Windows
machine will stay connected just fine, as will my smart phone so it can't be
the router having issues. The laptop I'm using now usually connects via
wireless with no issues at all. The other one is falling apart, with a long
history of wireless card failure, so I'm not too surprised with that. Both
of them may have lost connection around the same time. I'm not sure on that
since they are in separate rooms and I needed Internet when the first one
lost it. It had been at least an hour since switching from the immobile
laptop to the other one in a different room before connection was lost. I
was doing a pretty big update when the connection dropped, but only the two
Linux machines lost connection. I think it might be SE Linux, I'm pretty
sure I've encountered that before... But I'd rather not disable it. Is there
any workaround to stop the interference if it is SE Linux? Right now the
laptop that is falling apart is testing Permissive mode with SE Linux, to
see if it will still lose the connection randomly and if it will have the
same problems reconnecting. Any pointers would be awesome.

Thanks for your time!! =]

==I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates who said, "I drank
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