[lug] setting up hardware (or software) raid on dells

Simos Hadjiyiannis blug at chinesetearoom.com
Sat Apr 30 12:50:24 MDT 2011

On Saturday 30 April 2011 12:27:01 pm Bear Giles wrote:
> I'm trying to install Ubuntu 11.04 onto a new system and have run into a
> small problem. The MB supports RAID but I can't get it working. It says
> something about 'unsigned drives' so maybe you have to prepare the disks
> first?
> Lacking that how would I set up software RAID? I hope it's not a case where
> the installer would only do it if you use the fully automatic install
> instead of setting up your own partitions.
> This is an Optiplex 960 with two SATA hybrid drives (4GB SSD + 500GB
> conventional).  Nothing has really come up in google yet but that's probably
> mostly my poor google skills.


Having gone through it before, I would *never* again use on-board RAID (i.e.
RAID built into the motherboard). A separate dedicated RAID card is probably
overkill for a desktop system, but Linux software raid is much easier to
setup and maintain long-term in any case.

If you just want to do software raid (md devices) see here:


You'll have to use the Alternate Install Disk but it's not that complex.

On my Debian system I run a mix of MD & LVM, which can be more flexible,
but it gets a bit complex to setup.



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