[lug] May 28th: snow?

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sun May 1 15:12:37 MDT 2011

I've asked for space for installfest on 28 May at DeVry DTC.  Mark your calendar even though the web 
page says "unconfirmed".

Usually I'm outside on Saturday so it's notable that the last two weekends have been the worse 
weather for the week.  If that trend continues it will likely snow on the 28th.  But it will be 
spring snow so it won't stop you from getting to DTC.  And if not you can come tell me about my 
future in weather forecasting.

Most skiing will be done by then so come get your Linux tune-ups done before you get busy for the 

If you haven't been down to DTC, we have a fairly unique building so come have a look.  They should 
have all the flowers planted so the place will be in top shape.

0900-1600 28 MAY 2011 -- installfest -- 6312 S. Fiddlers Green Cr. Suite 150E Greenwood Village, CO
80111 -- http://cluedenver.org/display.php?node=installfest


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