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David L. Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Fri May 6 14:16:45 MDT 2011

Is it a form mail if the person sending copies and pastes? 'Cuz I tell you what... I'd totally do that, if I was her.

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   I think their reply is a form mail. I got the exact same one.  I'm 
inferring that a lot of people complained.

There are other gov sites that have problems so I included another one 
as well.

For what it's worth to anyone, here's my thread:

Ms. Martinez,
   Thank you for the prompt reply.  I look forward to the new site. It's 
important to me that this site is easily accessible to my family, 
friends and I so if they need any volunteer testers, please forward them 
my contact information.

thank you,

On 05/06/2011 11:53 AM, Citizen Advocate wrote:
 > Mr. Dew,
 > We apologize for the difficulty you have encountered in trying to use 
Revenue Online.  This has particularly affected users running older 
Macs.  Some users have been able to work around this by downloading the 
Google Chrome browser and then downloading Silverlight in that browser. 
  In light of the problem some users have experienced, our vendor is 
working on rebuilding the application so it will no longer have the 
Silverlight requirement, but that solution is not expected to be 
complete until later this year.
 > Melissa
 > Department of Revenue
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 > Subject: unable to use gov websites due to Microsoft Silverlight 
 > Ms. Martinez,
 >     My brother runs his own small business and they are unable to use a
 > couple of government sites:
 > https://www.colorado.gov/revenueonline/
 > http://www.bouldercounty.org/live/property/pages/emappingdisclaimer.aspx
 > Both sites require Microsoft Silverlight which does not run on their
 > computers.  If it matters, part of my job is administrating computers so
 > it's not an issue of being unfamiliar with computers or installing 
 > These sites affect me as well. Microsoft Silverlight doesn't run on any
 > of the computers I have regular access to.
 > Are there alternate sites somewhere that they and I can use?
 > thank you,
 > Matt Dew
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