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  Someone I worked with at RSI years ago sent me the following,
so I thought I'd pass it on. He interviewed for a different
position. Note that I don't know anything about this company myself,
nor do I know why this old colleague is taking it upon himself to
recruit for them. However, it sounds like reasonably high end work
for someone with the right background and interest, so I thought I'd
pass it on. Caveat emptor, and enjoy... :-)

Honestly, I didn't think anyone did this sort of work anymore
(targeting a non-commodity processor).

- Ali


> Just heard of an opportunity for a compiler expert.  Had a phone interview
> with the Louisville, CO branch of a firm that is doing a data-flow, highly
> parallel embedded processor that is excellent for low power video, 3D
> graphics and general purpose computing.  They want the GCC compiler to
> code for this highly parallel architecture.  And so I thought of you.  If
> you know of anybody who might be interested, have them check out the job
> listings at http://www.paneve.com/blog/join-us/.


> I was very impressed with the performance specs Paneve told me today --
> their chip has very high video frame rates with low power (thus good for
> mobile devices).  Their CTO designed supercomputers, their Advisory Board
> has excellent experience/contacts, and their management team has a string
> successes.  I believe they have a good chance of being acquired by a major
> chip firm within 3 - 5 years.  I didn't ask, but presume that Paneve
> provides stock options to employees.
> Anyway, thanks for the prompt reply and for circulating the position to
> others.  And best wishes with the Oracle transition.  Plus have a great
> summer.

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