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For those wondering who Thursday's speaker is:

Hal Pomeranz is the Founder and Technical Lead of Deer Run Associates,
a consulting company focusing on Computer Forensic Investigations and
Information Security.  He has spent more than twenty years providing
pragmatic Information Technology and Security solutions for some of
the world's largest commercial, government, and academic institutions.
An expert in the investigation of Linux/Unix systems, Hal has provided
Computer Forensic investigative support for several high-profile cases
to both law enforcement and commercial clients.

Hal is a Faculty Fellow of the SANS Institute, and its longest-tenured
instructor.  He is the track author and primary instructor for their
Linux/Unix Security certification track (GCUX). He is also a GIAC
Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA) and an instructor in the SANS
Computer Forensics curriculum.  Hal frequently contributes to the SANS
Computer Forensics blog and is a co-author with fellow SANS instructor
Ed Skoudis and Tim Medin of the weekly on-line Command Line Kung Fu column.

A leader in the community, Hal has served on the Board of Directors
for USENIX, BayLISA, and BackBayLISA. He is a co-founder of the IT
Professionals Forum. He is a frequent presenter at national and local
technical gatherings, and the author of numerous books and articles on
subjects ranging from Computer Forensics to Information Security to
System and Network Management to Perl Programming. Hal also served as
the Technical Editor for Sys Admin Magazine during its last four years
of publication. He is a recipient of the SAGE Outstanding Achievement
award for his teaching and leadership in the field of System

Prior to founding his consulting company, Hal's career included a
variety of roles from System and Network Operations, to Network and
Security Architecture, and even Software Development. He has worked
for an equally diverse set of employers including AT&T Bell Laboratories,
NASA, the University of Pennsylvania, TRW Financial Systems, and even
an Internet start-up, NetMarket, which was the first company to
conduct a secure financial transaction on the World-Wide Web.  As a
consultant for Deer Run Associates, Hal's client list includes Cisco,
Microsoft, eBay, the FBI and several other government agencies.

If you note how nicely this links to David Willson's talk, in May, about
certification, you can see I plan and schedule these topics very carefully.
You can probably also see faces and sailing ships in cloud formations.

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