[lug] ISP advice

Steven A Hart shart at Colorado.EDU
Fri Sep 2 09:07:01 MDT 2011

  Hopefully this will be an easy one.  I'm planning to move in the very 
near future and I'm looking for advice on which ISP I should go with.  
I've been spoiled over the past 8 years since I've had the luxury of 
being on the CU Boulder backbone for my home internet service.

I'm not interested in TV service, I really just want a fast network 
connection.  I know comcast and such tend to make it more cost effective 
to bundle TV service in there as well but I've heard too many Comcast 
horror stories.

Any suggestions?


Steve Hart
Systems Administrator
Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research
University of Colorado Boulder
Steven.Hart at colorado.edu
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