[lug] ISP - Qwest modem best practice...

William D. Knoche bill.knoche at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 13:31:29 MDT 2011

I would like to understand what everyone else thinks are the best 
I have had Qwest DSL for a long time and use an Actiontec GT701 in 
transparent bridge mode.
Lately, every once in awhile, it just stops passing packets.
Power cycling the Actiontec sometimes helps and sometimes 
disconnecting/reconnecting (logout/login) seems to resolve it. Sometimes 
I have to disconnect/reconnect 4-5 times before it becomes stable again.
Performance has suffered as well from time to time over the last year 
gradually deteriorating.
Qwest of course advises that everything is fine on their side. I am 

I just upgraded to the 7mbs which miraculously just appeared as an option...
So, what is the best choice for a new DSL modem knowing that I will 
probably stick with transparent bridge mode. Any reasons I should not do 

My pots line is connected to the phone line out on the modem so I 
understand that I should not need to use the DSL line filter (the modem 
has a filter internally). Is that correct?

Thanks for any pointers.


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