[lug] Ubuntu 10.04.3, Lenovo T420 won't see ethernet card

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sat Sep 3 18:38:40 MDT 2011

Jeffrey S. Haemer wrote:
> Kubuntu 11.04 (someone had a disk lying around) sees it -- as of course,
> does Windows -- and appears to use the e1000e driver.  I used modprobe to
> install e1000e on 10.04, and even added a wired interface with the card's
> MAC address, but still nothing.

It looks like that's the right module to use.  Does dmesg say anything useful from the e1000e driver?

Perhaps the 10.04 driver is older than the card, so you could get a newer version (and instructions 
for using it with your kernel?) at http://sourceforge.net/projects/e1000/files/

With wireless cards this sort of symptom is usually because the driver doesn't have the firmware it 
needs.  I don't see anything that says your card needs firmware (assuming it's the 82577L{M,C} that 
thinkwiki says it is).


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