[lug] jr/intermediate sysadmin position -- telecommuting elegible

Walter Pienciak wpiencia at thunderdome.ieee.org
Thu Sep 29 14:28:38 MDT 2011


Yes, we have someone to push the big red button, but have need
for someone who can find their way around a Linux system without
needing a GUI.  Maybe pushing/reading logs, maybe tracing error
messages, maybe watching the big box with gerblinken lights
or installing/adminning software.  Linux, Perl, postgres, the

The telecommuting option is real:  we have folks in Italy and
California and Other Places Too.  Mostly normal hours are

Jack of all trades spot, so you'll have an opportunity to learn
some new things.   There's probably 20+ hours of work weekly, but
could be more and I'm flexible about things.  Caveat: contracts
can take a while to find their way out of the sub-basement where
those folks live.

Work experience in the field or some kick-ass boxes that you
built and administrated to underpriviliged prairie dogs  to prove
your chops are fine.


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