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Steven A Hart shart at Colorado.EDU
Mon Oct 3 19:44:15 MDT 2011

Yeah, I probably do not exactly NEED 20 mbps but I've been spoiled for 
the past 8 years and slowing down to 10-12 mbps will be maddening.  Baby 
steps...baby steps.....

Anyways, there's alot of smut out there to download!  Just kidding!

My wife and I are generally on both computers at the same time.  she's 
mostly the email / web surfer and I'm sshing to multiple work systems 
and some moderate upload/downloads for the non-profit group I manage.

Basically I'm comfortable with the current 25 mbps I'm getting from 
comcast, but they pissed me off...obviously.

I'm also considering just dropping the TV and phone and just having the 
internet.  That will end up saving about $50 per month.  I'll see.  I am 
still going to shop around so any suggestions would be appreciated.



On 10/03/2011 05:38 PM, Lori Reed wrote:
> On 10/03/2011 04:41 PM, Steven A Hart wrote:
>> Just an update on this. After I bought my home, I was contacted by a
>> company called "All Connect". They offered a special deal for Comcast
>> which I accepted.
> That's the first warning sign. A third party offer generally means
> they're taking a commission on the product. I'm sorry you were taken.
> <snip details of bad deal>
>> All I really want is fast internet (on the order of 20mbps download)
> Jeez Louise, how much pr0n do you need? ;)
>> Can anyone make a suggestion for a reliable service that offers this at
>> a reasonable price?
> SFAIK, the only thing that can beat Comcast for speed is Qwest/Century
> Link fiber optic, and that has a limited service area.
> Just for fun, I checked our download speed:
> http://www.speedtest.net/ says 9.3 Mbps download (I think that's about
> what our contract with Comcast specifies)
> http://www.speedmatters.org says 13.8 Mbps - I can't explain the
> discrepancy.
> Lori
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