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Just an update on this.  After I bought my home, I was contacted by a
company called "All Connect".  They offered a special deal for Comcast which
I accepted.

The deal was:  Comcast triple play + 20mbps internet with Blast internet
(boosting to 25mbps) all for 99$ a month.

What a crock of S$%T that turned out to be.  Got my first bill from comcast
and it's really,

- $99 per month
- plus $10 a month for the blast
- plus $7 a month for a modem that is only handling the phone line (I have
my own cable modem)
  The Comcast tech said it would only be $3 a month since the modem was only
handling the phone.
  The Comcast tech lied flat out.

I called All Connect and they suddenly are describing the deal differently
saying the blast was a upgrade.  WTF???

I know it does not seem like alot of extra money but it's BS like this that
makes me want to cancel the whole entire thing.  Do yourselves a favor, when
you buy a new house and people call you out of the blue offering deals like
this.  Tell them to F$%k off and save yourself alot of hassle.

All I really want is fast internet (on the order of 20mbps download)   Why
is it so hard to find that here?

Can anyone make a suggestion for a reliable service that offers this at a
reasonable price?

Thanks for letting me vent.


On 09/05/2011 07:42 AM, Davide Del Vento wrote: 

Another thing I forgot to mention. Comcast is no-contract

month-to-month subscriptions. The others (last time I checked, which

is 2 years ago) were lock-in for 2-years.

Let us know what you'll decide to do and whether or not you'll be happy.



On Sun, Sep 4, 2011 at 17:39, Collins Richey  <mailto:crichey at gmail.com>
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On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 12:00 PM, George Sexton
<mailto:georges at mhsoftware.com> <georges at mhsoftware.com> wrote:

I've got Comcast and I have to say their service isn't markedly worse than

anyone else's. It's pretty fast.

I've had the equivalent Comcast service since the ATT @HOME days, and

the results have always been very good. There were times a few years

ago when their DNS servers were not reliable, but I haven't noticed

that in the past couple of years.

The one caveat with Comcast is this: which local area? I'm on the

original well-built ATT portion of the network (SE Aurora). Comcast

underbuilt and oversubscribed some of the newer areas resulting in

poor performance when every connection was active. The only direct

reports I had of this behavior were from the area around the

University Blvd / Lincoln area (far south Metro).

Another point. I haven't used most of the ISP services for the past 8

years. All of my email (including my wife's) is forwarded to gmail,

and thus I can't comment much about their current email services. It

has improved recently, but the lag in sending an email at one point

was up to 10 minutes before it appeared at the sender (both ends on

Comcast and gmail).

I've never measured the speeds. Comcast upgraded my service a year or

so ago. It's always darn fast for downloads. In all the years I've

only experienced about 3 outages, relatively brief in duration, except

when @HOME bailed out as the ATT ISP without warning. (That has

nothing to do with Comcast).

Another thought. Quest/Whatever-they-are-now have been building out a

fiber network for the past few years. If you are in one of those

areas, you would certainly get excellent reults.

We also have Comcast as the land-line provider, and that service is

I hope this helps,


Collins Richey

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