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Steven A Hart shart at Colorado.EDU
Tue Oct 4 11:53:12 MDT 2011

  In my case, I am uploading and downloading data files via ssh to a 
server I manage for my Non-profit group.  Some data files are up to 2GB 
in size and even with 20+gbps speeds, that takes forever.  The server is 
on a gigabit network so there are no worries on that end.

If it was just a matter of steaming video, web content, email, etc then 
the 9-12mbps speeds would be more than adequate.

I have to admit, I have been spoiled over the past 8 years as  I was 
living in family housing at CU.  they have a direct connection to the 
backbone of the CU system so needless to say, my network in my apartment 
was speedy.  Now that I'm no longer there and in my own home, I'm not 
sure I can live with 9mbps simply due to the above reasons.


On 10/04/2011 11:43 AM, Lori Reed wrote:
> I'm wondering, of what use is 20 Mbps download speed for home use?
> The 9 Mbps we get from Comcast is 50% more than is necessary to stream
> DVD quality from Netflix, and on weekend nights Netflix often stalls at
> that, and I doubt it's a "last mile" issue.
> Nothing I've downloaded has *ever* come close to that speed so I have to
> assume it's either slow servers on the far end, or clogged tubes in the
> middle.
> Even loading web pages with Firefox v3.6 seems to be more dependent on
> how many ads from who knows how many servers than any inefficiencies on
> my end.
> So what am I missing in terms of web content? Multiple video streams (I
> can see that being an issue, but so far we haven't done that)? What's
> out there to demonstrate that I'm still living in the steam age of the
> Intertubes?
> Thanks in advance,
> Lori
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