[lug] Home Broadband Download Speeds

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 12:12:34 MDT 2011

> I have to admit, I have been spoiled over the past 8 years as

I had the same experience, when I left the family housing. Carry on,
you will *not* get that, at least not at a reasonable cost. You might
get it on paper, but I believe you'll be disappointed with the

With ssh, I have to say that what bothers me more is latency, not
speed. In fact most of the data I transfer back "home" is in the
much-less-than a GB ballpark: I do transfer much larger files (easily
tens of GB and above), but don't try that at home! I just fire data
movements among datacenters, my location is irrelevant :-)
Do you really need those files home? Can't you deal with them on the
remote machine and/or transfer among machines, without passing to your
client? Maybe a switch in the workflow is what you need, not a
speedier connection (that what worked fine with me).

I have the comcast 10 (measured with sppedtest and mentioned before),
and I'm ok with it. I'm more bothered by the latency of my own
wireless than anything else (wired works ok, not as good as when I'm
onsite, of course). Videocalling oversea is an important application
for me, but there we are limited by the trans-oceanic backbone (or the
tiny slice of it that I get, to be precise).

Just my 0.02$
PS: David: how often do you clone the whole kernel? Once you've done
that, the next syncs are much smaller! For the movies, ok, if that's
what you do (for me, last time I watched a movie was... wait I don't
remember! Mmmm, it must be more than 3, since my oldest daughter was
not born yet! Was it the just released "Into the wild"? Ah no I
watched the much more recent "Avatar"... both at the movie theater, I
don't mess up with the small screen :-)

PPS: Something I would like to do in future is full-resolution
pictures and family video backup and sharing. That means half a
terabyte and growing. At present the problem with that is storage, not
bandwidth: I can't find a nice and cheap enough solution just yet (the
best I can find so far is picasaweb). When I'll find enough "in the
cloud" storage, I'll have the same problem as yours: I need uploading
speeds, which are always 10 times slower than download :-(

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