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I own and operate a business that supplies sys admin support for Linux systems. Currently I have one client who is only using me 2-5 hours per week, and another who, from time to time takes much of my time, but currently their systems are looking good and support hours have been cut. Therefore, I am looking for new clients.


I am an older guy who has been around the computer world since the late 1970’s, and in the last ten years started using Unix for my own servers for another business. About 18 months ago I decided to offer my services to support customers with their Linux servers, and I have been quite pleased with the business.


I do this work as an independent contractor, and my normal hourly rate is $75 per hour, but I can reduce that if there is a minimum number of hours per month guaranteed. I am currently available for approximately 10 hours per week, but am flexible and can accommodate if needed.


My skill set is the admin and maintenance of Linux (centos, redhat, and Ubuntu primarily) servers, network switches and GFS file systems. I would call myself a mid-level tech with the need to call senior level help when things get odd.


References from my current clients are available if you would like to check on my work ethic and capabilities.


Am I the kind of help you are looking for?


All the best,


Richard Mandel
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In case anyone knows someone interested in sys admin work, we're
looking to hire a contractor here at Intel in Longmont.  I'd prefer
someone with some experience, 3-5 years, but not too much (i.e.
someone who will think I know what I'm talking about and just do it,
but with enough experience that I can trust they will do it carefully
and safely).

This person will almost never have to pick up my cleaning or make me coffee :-)




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