[lug] Recall: Fwd: Sys admin contract work at Intel

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 16:21:05 MST 2011

>> I find the concept creepy, personally.  "Hey, Mister Postman/Ms
>> Postwoman, could you please un-send that letter you picked up a couple
>> of days ago?  Thanks."
> Interestingly enough, I saw this as an option on the FedEx website the
> other day.  Apparently you can request the package be returned to
> sender before it is delivered...

I can confirm that service exists, and existed for a while. 4 years
ago a made an online purchase and for a server glitch it wasn't
addressed at the right address (they confused shipping with billing
address). When I saw the tracking with the wrong destination, I called
their customer service and they "recalled" the package. When I called,
according to the tracking, the item was in some sorting facility in
NY. It was funny since they could have avoided the item traveling from
NYC to Denver, but they didn't: it took a while for the "recall" to
take effect, and the item arrived in Commerce City before it went
back. But it wasn't delivered to the billing address. Even more weird
is that the same package was the re-shipped to the right address from
NYC to Boulder. It was silly that they couldn't just change the final
destination by a few miles, saving their efforts and my wait.


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