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How are you scheduling the LPI exams? I'd be interested in taking the
exams, but probably don't need the class time, as I've been using
Unix/Linux for 17+ years now.


> From: "David L. Willson" <DLWillson at TheGeek.NU>
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> Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 11:37:48 -0700 (MST)
> Subject: [lug] Evening LPIC-1 Prep Class
> I'm sorry if this is a repost, I didn't get a copy back, so I'm assuming
> my first attempt to post, failed because I tried to post to BLUG and CLUE
> at the same time.
> Also, I failed to include a key piece of information: You have one week to
> buy the book. Registration for this class absolutely closes in 7 days.
> Those of you waiting for the RHCE class will have to wait a bit longer
> (looks like April).
> Those of you that have "no experience" or "some experience" who have
> always wanted to learn Linux "for real", and maybe get certified, this may
> be your chance.
> My new employer, Datalogix, is letting me use their space on Thursday
> evenings, to indoctrin... er, teach Linux. AND, externals are welcome.
> It's my intention to get everyone up to speed enough that we can run RHCSA
> and RHCE classes the same way, starting in about April, like I said.
> The short version is: The class is free, but you have to pay for your own
> book, and use your own laptop to do labs and study. The books are $200
> each, or $360 if you buy both in one shot. I make NO money on the books,
> and I'm delivering the class on my own time, and Datalogix is allowing me
> to invite you, my friends, because they ROCK!
> The rest of the details are in the invite sent to the employees, which is
> quoted below...
> Reply to me if you're interested, and I'll send the URL to the web-store.
> ************************** Full Invite ************************************
> dlx|U is pleased to offer an after-hours training opportunity on Linux.
> Linux is software that is similar to Windows or Unix with one important
> distinction…freedom of choice. Under a General Public License (GPL) users
> are granted the rights to use, copy, improve, and even redistribute the
> product. Linux is common on many devices that we use on a daily basis. Some
> examples of devices that use Linux today include Lenovo IdeaPads, Garmin
> Nuvi navigators, Sony Readers, Android phones, and TiVo DVRs. A large part
> of the Datalogix Digital business infrastructure also runs on Linux. [clip]
> What are the details for this course?
> Our very own David Willson will be leading these sessions. There are no
> prerequisites in order to take the first course, however those with very
> little Linux experience must be prepared to study and practice outside of
> class hours in order to gain the knowledge needed to pass the exams.
> Learners must be committed to attending a four hour session one night a
> week for eight weeks per course. Each four hour session contains about 2
> hours of lecture, followed by about 2 hours of lab. The value of these
> courses if taken outside of DLX can be approximately $1600…or more! The
> cost of the required course book is $200 per class and Datalogix will cover
> this cost for DLX employees. Classes will be held here in the Datalogix
> offices and participants must also bring a laptop.
> What can this course provide for me?
> Linux is a critical component of the DLX infrastructure and the industry
> in general, thus the stronger your Linux skills, the more value you can
> bring to DLX and your career. This first course prepares students to take
> the 101 and 102 exams toward the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) level 1
> certification. It covers fundamental Linux skills such as file management
> and manipulation, text processing, command line use, package management,
> file systems, hardware, and more. Learners are encourage to take and pass
> the certification exams, so that you can be recognized for your
> accomplishment, however the exam is not a part or prerequisite of the
> class. Unfortunately due to the technical nature of these courses, we will
> not be able to offer remotely via WebEx.
> The LPIC-1 prep course is comprised of two classes:
> CLASS #1:
> LPIC-1 (part 1 of 2) will prepare learners for the LPI-101 exam
> · Class dates: December 1, 8, 15, 22, January 5, 12, 19, 26
> · Participants will have one week off for cram and exam (No class on
> February 2)
> · Course outline:
> http://www.gurulabs.com/partner-program/courseware/LPI101/
> CLASS #2:
> LPIC-1 (part 2 of 2) will prepare learners for the LPI-102 exam
> · Class dates: February 9, 16, 23, March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
> · LPIC-1 part 1 is a prerequisite to this course
> · Participants will take second exam at the end of this course
> · Course outline:
> http://www.gurulabs.com/partner-program/courseware/LPI102/
> When learners successfully pass both the LPI-101 and LPI-102 exams, they
> will gain LPIC-1 certification (details on the certification can be found
> here: http://lpi.org/linux-certifications/programs/lpic-1 ).
> If there are any additional questions about this course, please contact
> David Willson directly at x1753, david.willson at datalogix.com<mailto:
> david.willson at datalogix.com>, or 720-333-LANS (5267).
> David L. Willson
> Trainer, Engineer, Enthusiast
> RHCE MCT MCSE Network+ A+ Linux+ LPIC-1 NovellCLA UbuntuCP
> tel://720.333.LANS
> Freedom is better when you earn it. Learn Linux.
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