[lug] gnome shell, unity and going back

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Fri Nov 11 12:56:12 MST 2011

Davide Del Vento wrote:
> I'm sick, after half a day spent with it (even in fallback mode) I
> want gnome 2 back. Does anybody have any experience in running any
> distribution with gnome 2?

Sorry, no.

I had 2 computers running KDE when they switched to KDE4 that couldn't keep up with the increased 
load.  One went to XFCE (it's missing some things I'd like, like a user switcher that doesn't 
require gdm) and one is still KDE3.

The KDE3 one will not be maintainable for the long run, as packages that KDE3 depends on start to 
conflict with newer important packages.

But I was thinking it would be nice to have current KDE3 packages.  It worked and some people don't 
want to learn a new UI.  That ought to be possible since it's Free Software.

For one box it probably isn't worth the time but I wonder how many others would like the same thing. 
  Wouldn't it be funny if the old version (of KDE or GNOME) managed to attract more users than the 
new ones for a time?


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