[lug] unmount needed to shrink lvms?

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 14 18:23:45 MST 2011

> It's extremely unlikely that you'll be able to unmount any of these 
> filesystems
> on a live server. There are many running system processes that are using them
> and the only way to unmount the filesystems would be to kill them first, in 
> which
> case it will no longer be a "live" server.

you are correct :)

i couldn't umount any of the three.  all were busy.  so i guess that answers that question!  fwiw, i ran an lsof on each and there's a lot  accessing those file systems except for /tmp.  i could probably do /tmp live with a shutdown of mysqld but not worth it since i need to resize the others.

> Also, lvreduce will only reduce the logical volume (i.e. the filesystem 
> "container").
> You will need to run something resize2fs to shrink the filesystem itself. From 
> the
> resize2fs man page on my Debian system:

i know about resize2fs and shrinking the filesystem.  thought i was clear about that.  my point was that resize2fs existed in /sbin so it would still be available if i was to umount /usr.  the only cmd that wouldn't be available that i needed was /usr/sbin/lvreduce

> Assuming you are running ext3 filesystems, you will almost certainly need to do
> this either in single-user mode or a live CD.

yeah that's the way it looks.  makes sense after running lsof to see the extent of useage.

thanks simos

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