[lug] VNC and console input issues

Chris Riddoch riddochc at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 15:56:43 MST 2011

Quick question, maybe someone can help with this.  My VPS hosting
provider provides backup console access over VNC - this *would* be
more helpful if the input were being interpreted correctly - my log in
attempts fail because apparently more stuff is being received along
with each character I type over the VNC session.  Syslog reports the
problem like so:

Dec 15 01:15:30 ds1a login[22393]: FAILED LOGIN SESSION FROM /dev/tty1
FOR UNKNOWN, User not known to the underlying authentication module
Dec 15 01:15:40 ds1a login[22414]: gkr-pam: error looking up user
information for: #033c#033h#033r#033i#033s#033

Yes, there is no such user, but it's not hard to see what I'm trying to tell it.

This happens with vncviewer, xfvnc, vinagre, and the tightvnc java
based client, so I'm pretty sure it's not on the client end.  Is this
an issue with my server's console settings (which should be default
OpenSuSE settings), or with the hosting provider's setup that connects
VNC to the console?

Chris Riddoch

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