[lug] 32bit and 64bit

Mitheesh CS mitheesh at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 07:48:01 MST 2012

Server Configuration

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 Server for x86 (64-bit)
Domino v8.5.3, 32-bit

Requirement from the Application Team/Customer

Make available a C compiler on a server to allow recompiling C program
tools used by the Domino team. Need to be able to compile 32-bit programs.

   I am very much looking explanation for the below queries ?

1. Is it advisable to install gcc 32 bit & 64 bit on the same server which
is running on RHEL 5.3 64 bit (if we install both in the same server will
this create any stability issues like crash etc)?
2. As per the general OS expectations,we can install only 64 bit GCC
compiler in this server ? Am I correct ?
3. I understand that 64 bit compiler only can be installed in this
server.However 32 bit domino is running on this server and if the
application wants to do compilation as part of their support schedule,is
there any alternative way to compilation ?


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