[lug] apper, was HACKED!

philburt stortsky ppld.phil.stortz at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 27 13:23:08 MST 2012

ok, after hunting some things down it appears that apper was responsible for the mystery traffic and frequent (every several minutes) dns queries for downloads.suse.org and the nvidia site and they probably forwarded to the akami site which is interesting as the akami server warns you not to log on unless you have "explicit permission". 

apper is the software management part of the "configure desktop" tool.  though why it would constantly look up only these two sites is odd especially since i have over a dozen software repositories set up for software management through yast which it uses in the background ((and download.suse.org isn't a repository!) .  further information on apper and it's odd behavior would be welcome, i've deleted it since i don't need 2 ways to manage software and the yast tool is generally easier and more powerful.  sorry for the spaz but there's no good reason for these constant dns queries and the akami sites warnings suggest that my machine has no business logging in.  also akami is exactly the sort of company that would be involved in backdooring people's os etc. for the black hats at DHS etc.

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