[lug] Mounting a printer hard drive and accessing fonts

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Dear Mr. Stimits,

I can't help with the hardware issue, but even if you can mount the drive,
your troubles are not over.  The font files are almost always compressed and
frequently encrypted.  It may be difficult to get access.  It may be a fun
detective challenge though.  Let us know how it proceeds.

When you say "non-emulation PS printer", what do you mean?  That it's Adobe
PostScript, or one of those imitators (one of the ones I worked for).




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I'm still trying to solve font problems, and realized I have a hard drive
an old printer which died, but I kept the drive...complete with fonts. I
purchased that printer for close to $3k, it was a non-emulation PS level 3
printer. I look back now, and realize that one of the big reasons why it
seemed I had the font is because I had that printer (set up to use IPP as
So, with nothing but the hard drive left, I'm trying to plug it in to my
parallel IDE
cable. It seems that the pins are not quite aligned to the 0.1" spaced
pins of the 3.5" PATA, and despite being very close, must be very slightly
smaller spacing. I don't have a second PATA 2.5" drive to compare to, and
although I do not believe this drive is custom (looks just like my SATA 2.5"
drive from Samsung, other than being PATA instead of SATA).

Can anyone tell me if the standard 3.5" drive cables should fit the 2.5"
There are 4 extra pins which are apparently power/ground related, but it is
spacing that seems off. I don't want to order an external adapter if the
drive is
some sort of proprietary freak. Perhaps all I need is a 3.5" to 2.5" IDE


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