[lug] [Poll] Ends 02 March (was: VPS and web mangement hosting)

Crawford Rainwater crawford.rainwater at linux-etc.com
Tue Feb 28 11:58:27 MST 2012

Just a polite reminder for those who might be interested.  Linux ETC is running a poll to survey various LUGs to get a feel for what folks might desire for VPS ("Virtual Private Servers") and web management hosting services.  These polls are anonymous (i.e., no need to sign up and put in your personal information).

The URL for the polls is


which is under Linux ETC's "News" section for this month.  If folks want to add some additional thoughts or remarks directly, please use our Contact page with the "VPS Hosting Solutions" Category, if not also to the list which I receive in Digest format (pardon any delays in responding in advance of course).

For those who have responded, it is very much appreciated on our end.

For those how have responded to our polls with the answers "Custom job" (for the VPS hardware specifications) or "Have anything bigger?" (for the web+email hosting specifications), could you email me directly on what would "appropriate specifications" desired?  Oddly and unexpectedly enough, there is currently ~23% of the responses answered with these. 

Thanks in advance for everyone's participation.

--- Crawford

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