[lug] Fedora 16 and network alias

stimits at comcast.net stimits at comcast.net
Sat Mar 3 18:56:49 MST 2012

> So...how can I get the em1:0 to work without em1 dhcp config being lost?
> The
> syntax in the config is correct, using em1:0 and file ifcfg-em1:0...so
> something
> is ignoring the fact that it is an alias.

i'm just going to take a guess here. my guess is it might have somethign
to do with the fact your mixing a static and nonstatic (dhcp) address on
the same interface.  for grins, try giving em1 a static address too and
see if the behavior is the same.. this is totally a guess btw. :)  i'm not
a big fan of networkmanager regardless.

No difference...but I did see in some fedora docs that alias does not support
the alias side being dhcp, only static. From what I found, if one interface
must be dhcp, then it has to be the non-alias. In the past, with older fedora
distros, I've always set the primary to dhcp and the aliases to static.
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