[lug] Fedora 16 and network alias

stimits at comcast.net stimits at comcast.net
Sun Mar 4 14:20:26 MST 2012

service is the old command to start services but it still works in fedora
16 (it's a front end to the newer cmd.. i forgot what it's called)

service network status --> will tell you if it's active
service network stop --> will stop network service

same can be applied to network manager..

service NetworkManager status
service NetworkManger stop

ideally you only want NetworkManger running or network running but not
both.. if the status shows both running, kill network and restart
NetworkManager just to make sure it's running fresh:

service NetworkManager restart

service network status shows em1 and lo configured and active, but does
not mention anything about the service running...but if I do service network
stop, the status message does not change, even if I do a service NetworkManager
restart while network is stopped. Putting the alias file in, then service
network stop, then service NetworkManager restart, has no effect...the
results are the same, where the primary dhcp configured address goes
away, and becomes the static address as em1, with no alias ever

I'm thinking maybe it is time to turn it into a bug report, since it appears Fedora 16
cannot accept an alias while following given documentation. *sigh*
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