[lug] Fedora 16 and network alias

D. A. Frye dafr at dafr.us
Sun Mar 4 15:38:10 MST 2012

On Mar 4, 2012, at 1:20 PM, stimits at comcast.net wrote:

> ...
> service is the old command to start services but it still works in fedora
> 16 (it's a front end to the newer cmd.. i forgot what it's called)
> service network status --> will tell you if it's active
> service network stop --> will stop network service
> same can be applied to network manager..
> service NetworkManager status
> service NetworkManger stop
> etc..
> ideally you only want NetworkManger running or network running but not
> both.. if the status shows both running, kill network and restart
> NetworkManager just to make sure it's running fresh:
> service NetworkManager restart
> .......
> service network status shows em1 and lo configured and active, but does
> not mention anything about the service running...but if I do service network
> stop, the status message does not change, even if I do a service NetworkManager
> restart while network is stopped. Putting the alias file in, then service
> network stop, then service NetworkManager restart, has no effect...the
> results are the same, where the primary dhcp configured address goes
> away, and becomes the static address as em1, with no alias ever
> appearing.
> I'm thinking maybe it is time to turn it into a bug report, since it appears Fedora 16
> cannot accept an alias while following given documentation. *sigh*

To use the new tool to check the status of the current run states of the services:

$ /sbin/chkconfig --list | egrep etwork

This will grab both network and NetworkManager services (it's a long list otherwise) and will show which one is running. You can also change the states using this command as root with different flags.

I don't think, unfortunately, that this will do anything for you to get the alias working the way you want it to.


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