[lug] Fedora 16 and network alias

Anthony Foiani tkil at scrye.com
Sun Mar 4 20:53:36 MST 2012

stimits at comcast.net writes:
>    I did a case insensitive egrep....network is not on at any runlevel,
>    and
>    NetworkManager is not even listed as a service configurable by
>    chkconfig. Anyone here with Fedora 16 who has NetworkManager
>    listed in chkconfig --list | egrep -i network

F16 uses systemd as the default init system, and the (roughly
analogous) command is "systemctl".  (Yeah, I found "service" easier to
type, and they switched the order of command vs unit/service to boot.)

E.g., the old method for working with the 'network' service might have

  service network restart

While the new way is:

  systemctl restart network.service

(If such a service existed...)

On my F16 box, here are the network-related services:

  $ systemctl list-units | grep -i etwork
  netfs.service             loaded active exited        LSB: Mount and unmount network filesystems.
  NetworkManager.service    loaded active running       Network Manager
  ntpd.service              loaded active running       Network Time Service
  network.target            loaded active active        Network

I've found NetworkManager to be tolerable for GUI sessions; I don't
know if I've mixed DHCP with static aliases on the same interface, but
I know that I have it running on multiple interfaces with one using
DHCP and the other using static + a static alias.

I don't know how NetworkManager argues with the old sysv "network"
service; I finally gave in and just switched to NetworkManager.

This looks related:


Unfortunately, I don't currently have a machine that I can afford to
take off the network (intentionally or not!)

It might be possible to use NetworkManager to set up the interface as
DHCP, then add an additional static address to the same interface.
(As pointed out in the bug, it's not an alias as such; I suspect that
NetworkManager is using the lower-level netlink bits the way that ip2
does.)  The GUI doesn't seem to offer such a mechanism, though...

Good luck!


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