[lug] Ubuntu Firefox v10.0.x Sluggishness & Fix (rantish)

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 22:46:04 MDT 2012

>> PCLinuxOS is my flavor of choice. It's install once,
>> update forever, and it works great on laptops

> For rolling distros, there's also Linux Mint Debian Edition,

How do (these) rolling release manage major updates of essential
software? The reason I do not *ever* do distro-updates (but clean
re-install, cherrypicking what I want to preserve) is that should
essential software (e.g. the packet manager) break, you are stuck. And
Murphy says that would happen at a conference, right before your talk.
With a clean install, I have both the (unchanged) old distro and the
(possibly broken) new one, and never be stuck - unless of course if I
accidentally wipe the wrong partition on the disk, but that's under my
control, and I trust my triple-check paranoid more than an unknown
upgrade strategy from a bunch of software I depends on.
And what about non essential software, but which still could corrupt data?

The reason why I gave up on sidux (I believe they changed their name,
now) is the stated risk to "break", higher than a non-rolling release.

Thanks for your thoughts and experience on this.

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