[lug] password generating techniques

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 09:41:18 MDT 2012

>> 4) use a password manager like Kevin suggested
> I use an encrypted file, but it isn't a "password manager" as I'll be
> relying on people's ability to write good software.  I don't have much
> faith in that.  :)

This technique might be more secure than using the password manager,
but it has all the inconvenience of it: how do you manage this file?
How can you be sure to be using only and always the latest and
greatest version, etc.

> Certain passwords, like Amazon, are easy to remember, and aren't
> randomly generated.

I am not talking about that (I should have made that clear). I'm
(mostly) talking about password for shell access.

>> 6) write the strong passwords on a piece of paper
> I print out my encrypted file and store them in a vault at a bank in case.

How often do you go to the bank? How often do your server enforce the
need for password change? Even if I substitute "fireproof safe at
home" for your "vault at a bank", this would be too inconvenient and
thus my piece of paper will quickly become stale.

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