[lug] Email screening

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Fri Mar 30 17:04:28 MDT 2012

Jason Brass wrote:
> I'd like to set up an email account where I can screen all emails and decide which ones will be
> delivered and which will be discarded (e.g., to protect minors from spam).

I asked about this a while ago and didn't get any replies.

I don't use gmail.  (It's not Luddite, it's neo-Luddite ;-)

So I used /etc/aliases to deliver the minor's mail to a parent (minor gets his own address).

Both the minor and parent use Mozilla so I made the minor's Inbox a link to a folder of the 
parent's.  The minor's mail is auto-sorted to a review folder and approved mail is moved to the 
minor's Inbox.  Works pretty well as long as the parent and minor don't try to run Mozilla at the 
same time (they don't in my case).

I think that if I move to imap a similar arrangement will work and may be more robust.

I don't screen outbound mail but I'm sure the server could be told to route the minor's outgoing to 
the parent.  Making it wait for review seems harder in my case.


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