[lug] Consulting gig?

John Hernandez jph at jph.net
Tue Apr 10 11:57:11 MDT 2012

LUG'ers, I have been doing very occasional moonlighting for a small
online media company in Boulder.  Today, they contacted me for help
replacing an aging Windows file server / domain controller, but I
can't carve out the time anymore.

I've had maybe 12 engagements with them over the past 8 or 9 years,
and all of them have been positive.  These folks are great to work
with, reasonably tech-savvy, and I think there's opportunity to
introduce Linux systems into the enterprise, given some minimal
training and basic monitoring / management tools.

If someone here would be interested in a bit of extra income (this is
not a cash cow, by any stretch) , please shoot me an e-mail off-list.
Please include a brief resume and a contact ph#.  Assuming you have a
compatible skill set, I can put you in contact with them.


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