[lug] FREE - Compaq T2200XR Battery Back up 220Volt 1600WATT

Tom Martin toms_jeep at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 13 12:26:42 MDT 2012

I have a battery back up that I am giving away to anybody here that wants it. 
This has some connection on back to add 2 more batteries.
It also has a 15 amp breaker on the back.
This is a server type battery backup. This is not 120 volt

This needs a new battery the old one was dead, being 220 I have not tested it. I do not have any battery for it

Specs are
Model T2200 XR
Series E03019h
220 volt
3 load segments
9 outlets These are NOT standard outlets they look like the old reverse monitor outlets that old PCs had on the power supply
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