[lug] For Sale: Hard Drives and Servers (Sean Reifschneider)

Dru Whitledge druw at oneimage.com
Wed Aug 22 22:48:15 MDT 2012

I could have an interest in some of  that stuff and especially in 
seeing a list of it.


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>    1. For Sale: Hard Drives and Servers (Sean Reifschneider)
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>From: Sean Reifschneider <jafo at tummy.com>
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>We have built up quite a lot of old hardware.  We have a bunch of SATA hard
>drives: 500GB for $30, 250GB for $15, and 80GB for $5.  All are tested and
>known to work.
>We also have a few Parallel ATA drives in the 20-80GB size, let's say $5
>We also have around 30 server machines, I'm not going to list them all
>here, but can provide a list if you're interested.  I'm just going to put
>them out there as "best offer".
>They range between Celeron 2.5GHz and Pentium D 3.4GHz or dual Xeon 3.2GHz,
>up to quad-core Xeon 2.8GHz.  RAM runs between 1GB and 8GB.  Most are 1U
>with 4 SATA drive bays, a few have two, a few are 2U with 8 bays.  Some
>systems have either 3Ware or LSI RAID controllers with BBUs.  They're all
>Supermicro systems, all are working.
>NOTE: These are *ALL* servers.  Meaning, they don't have high end graphics
>and they have LOUD fans.  I say this because we once had someone pick up
>one of these to make a desktop system with and was not happy.  :-)
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