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Thanks for the suggestion, Alex. I'm certain there are a lot of great people on the BLUG list as well. Do you mind forwarding the message there?



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Hi CLUE folks,

I'm seeking to fill an Operations Manager position at System76. If
      you're passionate about Open Source Software, a seasoned manager,
      and wish to be an integral part of building a company, come chat
      with me.

Details below. (I will receive info and resumes sent to the careers at system76.com address).

Carl Richell

Job Location 
Denver, Colorado. Relocation assistance available to outstanding candidates.
Job Summary: 
System76 is a leading provider of Ubuntu pre-loaded laptops, desktops, and servers. System76 focuses on quality products, excellent service, excellent support, and a commitment to open source technology. We strive for a high energy work environment with the fluid exchange of ideas and creativity. As Operations Manager you are responsible for enhancing overall quality of service, employee development and advancement, and day to day operations. 
To be considered for this opportunity, send your resume to careers at system76.com. 
Key responsibilities: 
	* Maintain and enhance quality of service within operating budgets
	* Develop Technical Support, Sales, and Customer Service quality measurement methods
	* Ensure testing and development lab has the necessary tools and hardware to effectively deliver top quality support
	* Manage product availability for press reviews
	* Manage Technical Support and Customer Service teams
	* 	* Develop training programs
	* Employee development and advancement
	* Enhance productivity
	* Manage escalation
	* Develop a strong quality centric culture 
	* Manage HR and regulatory compliance
	* 	* Seek valuable government certifications
	* Maintain company policies
	* Manage third party and partner relationships
	* Refine product and operating system release testing procedures
	* Define best practices for team coordination
	* Define best practices for customer interaction
Required skills and experience: 
	* Experience leading and managing teams
	* Excellent communication skill
	* Training experience
	* Technical support experience
	* At least two years experience working with end users/customers
	* Excellent customer facing skills
	* Deep technical understanding of Ubuntu
	* Ability to identify product bugs versus technical support
	* Ubuntu or Open Source project bug reporting and follow-through to resolution
	* Creative, technology focused problem solving
	* Communicating and reporting to ownership
Desirable skills and experience 
	* Project Administration
	* Open Source advocacy

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